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  •  B i k i n g
  •  S w i m m i n g
  •  M y  w i f e  a n d   m y  f r i e n d s
  •  F a m i l y  h i s t o r y
  •  W a t e r c o l o r   p a i n t i n g
  •  P  l a c a t i n g

  •  I nternet  s u r f i n g (not only for fun)

    S e a r c h  engines:
  • MetaCrawler Query
  • Search made simple
  • Encyclopedia Britannica's Internet Guide
  • E n c y c l o p e d i a s:
  • The Living Encyclopedia

  • N e w s:
  • Mario's Cyberspace Station

  • E d u c a t i o n a l  information:
  • Ask ERIC Education Information
  • Kathy Scherlock's Guide for Educator
  • H i s t o r y  resources:
  • Hyperhistory Online
  • International Association for History and Computing
  • Where History Lives on the Web
  • Extract from the book "Rulers of Bulgaria" by Prof. M. Lalkov  

  • Homepage for 66 high school Filip Stanislavov, Sofia
  • The Homepage for Dr. Roumen Donkov
  • Daad Alumni Forum
  • Das Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

  • Some  f r i e n d s:
  • Pop Singer Radostina Koleva
  • U s e n e t   Newsgroups:
  • soc.culture.bulgaria

  • Web-based newsgroup-reader

    I R C  servers:
  • irc.d-t-net.de
  • irc.netcologne.de
  • bboxbbs.funchat.net
  • irc.germany.net
  • irc.omega.bg
  • wombat.va.us.dal.net
  • IRC trough the web: DalNet.com
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